Benefits of Remote Service for Your Business

Business thrives on the concept of efficiency. The faster and more accurate you can complete a task, the better the outcome. Stated like that it sounds like quite a simple venture, when in fact it’s a constant challenge. It becomes a riddle of where to apply your resources when in fact it doesn’t have to be that way. This is where remote services come into play. Remote services for businesses allow proper delegation of tasks, which leads to a more efficiently run operation.

Here are the benefits of remote services and why you should consider them for your needs:

Cost Effective

Remote services grant a constant means of access for customer satisfaction. What normally may have resulted in travel and other tasks to remedy a bad situation can now be handled remotely, efficiently, and more problem-free. The challenge of billing hours, travel, and other complicated expenses can be condensed into a single bill.

Precise Delegation

Remote services allows a company the opportunity to consider what tasks can be given to remote services versus what tasks need a certain level of company clearance to take care of. This also ties in with being cost effective on account of knowing where you need to apply specific employees.

Client Benefits

Remote services are appealing to customers/clients in a number of different ways. It appeals to the needs of a client in a way that typical service simply can’t offer. It combats customers with several different preferences such as:

  • Customers that prefer the simplicity of taking care of a problem via phone or computer.
  • Customers that prefer not having to take care of a problem in person.
  • Customers that have a busy schedule.

And this list could truly go on and on. Customers have several different preferences and with remote services it grants a little bit of what everyone is looking for.

Meeting the needs of clients is the general foundation that outlines success or failure of a business, being able to appeal directly to a clients preferences grants a bolder opportunity to accomplish this. Remote service in combination with remote monitoring and management software like N-Able can provide maximum client satisfaction.

Response Time

Customers are always counting every second that they have to wait for a resolution of a problem, and you can’t blame them. Remote services grant the opportunity to deal with problems almost instantaneously. This means a more efficient manner of handling the trips along the way, and a more satisfied customer at the end of the day.

Spreads of Talent

When you deal with remote services you acquire a spread of talent. For each individual that takes care of tasks from the remote service of things will come unique personalities, crisp communication, and the opportunity to grow a solid reputation.

Generally in every action there are forms of give and take; benefits versus the not so beneficial side of things. Remote service on the other hand happens to be a win-win situation all around. Grant your business the chance to fully optimize by seeing how these services can take you to the next level.

Antivirus Armageddon: Avast Vs Norton Vs Kaspersky

The precondition to freedom is security.

The world has witnessed a gradual transition from sticks and stones to the latest in technology as of today. With the rise in complexity of the machines, the flaws associated with them have also gotten complex. Everybody is familiar with the problems that arise due to the viruses and other malwares that are masqueraded into our computers. Although all antivirus programs in the market claim to be the ultimate protectors when it comes to shielding your computer from the viruses, only a few deliver what they claim.

Leaving your computer’s protection solely on the wrong antivirus can incur huge losses to you. Who else but you knows better about the sensitive information stored in your computer that you want to keep confidential? The sensitive data needs to be protected as if gets into the wrong hands, the data might incur huge losses to the user.

This takes us to our basic discussion: Who has the edge among antivirus softwares? Is it Norton? Or is it Avast? Or Kaspersky? This discussion can go on forever! We’ll try to keep this post confined and give you a short but effective summary in the best way we can.

Let’s start with Avast. The best thing about Avast Antivirus is that it’s free to use. You can download it from the website and use the freeware version according to your requirements. The paid version is available too and comes with a bundle of power packed features you might not even require in normal circumstances.

Performance wise Avast scores decent in all aspects that you might want to consider. It has got all the basic features which work perfectly fine and give a good overall protection against harmful threats. It has a sandbox which works at its best and handles the risky programs very efficiently.

The free version lacks some valuable features like parental controls, chat support and profile management you might be looking for. The overall program is pretty decent though, as the overall AV scores of Avast do not disappoint at all. 

The second antivirus software we’ll be discussing is Kaspersky. It is an efficient program with approximately each and every feature a person with normal usage requirements might be looking for. Sadly, the software is not available for free usage as you might have expected after reading about Avast.

Kaspersky scores above Avast in overall AV scores. This outcome is pretty much expected since it requires money to build an antivirus program and a paid antivirus has an efficient team working day and night to improve their program. The aim is to make it efficient enough to remove new threats which are constantly emerging as you read.

The last antivirus program we’ll be discussing is Norton Antivirus. Norton antivirus has a good reputation among the users who know how antivirus programs actually work. Norton antivirus scored exceptionally well in the AV tests, with the efficiency of its Internet security earning it a Bronze Award for internet security. As expected, Norton is also a paid antivirus program. You can get it at a cheaper rate from Software King.

Norton antivirus comes loaded with features such as chat support, network monitoring and a two-way firewall which make it the ultimate choice for many users. It also has the feature that creates a recovery disk to make your work easier in case the functioning of your operating system gets hampered due to some reasons. It does contain the much sought parental control feature.

Having antivirus software is an absolute necessity considering the complexity of threats that has increased significantly in the recent years. While Avast performs very well in defending your computer, Kaspersky takes the lead in the overall AV score. Norton, however, has the edge over the other two considering its superior functionalities. Now since you about the antivirus programs, why haven’t you ordered one for yourself already?

Is Your Guard Performing Perfectly?

Security guards form an important part of the security system in our society. Even though their job is much different from the police officer or peace officer, the goal is quite aligned. The basic function of the security guard is to offer protection against any kind of crime, risk or threat. A security guard can be said to be a defense mechanism. They are tasked with protection of a property or person and prevent any mishap. Hence, like any defense system, it is important to have a proper management system to ensure high efficiency. But, before we move on, let us look at the most important functions of a security guard.

  • The most important duty of security guard is prevention of any untoward incident. This means the security guard should always be on high alert and prevent any attempt of theft or burglary or perimeter breach with malicious intent. In case of personal security guards, the objective is generally to prevent any attempt on the life of the person being guarded.
  • Vigilance is an important duty of the security guard. Round the clock vigilance of the area being guarded is compulsory. Vigilance can be manual or via electronic media. There can be mix of both, depending upon the property or person being guarded.
  • This might come as a surprise to many, but security guards are not hired to stay out of sight of the probable perpetrator. It is the duty of the security guards to be seen in the area being guarded. This acts as a major deterrent for anyone planning an attack on the premise and effectively aids the primary objective of prevention.
  • It is not the duty of the security guard to apprehend criminals or perpetrators. This is the job of the police officer or peace officer. A security guard should be able to report in details about the incident that has taken place. Thus, security guard needs to be highly observant. Being observant can also result in prevention of the crime in the first place.

It should be remembered that security guards are also human beings. Even though they are trained to have better reflexes and judgment, they need technological support as well to perform their duty with perfection. Security guard management software does just that.

The job of security guards involves patrolling the area. In order to have best efficiency the patrols are times and rotated based on shifts. However, relying solely on human intelligence to manage the patrolling units can result in security gaps. Security patrol software like SilverTrac is an integral part of the management software and offers a much better control. It can automate the entire process and direct the guards on duty on frequency and area of patrol. This software can also effectively distribute the manpower for best coverage. Security guard tracking enables the management software to ensure that the guards are on duty and at the location they should be. This data can be greatly helpful in case of any breach as well.

The software is a highly effective incident management system that must be implemented by every security guard service provider. Better efficiency results in higher security.

10 Insanely Clever Packaging Ideas That You Must Read

Packaging is much more than mere packing up the product and selling. A quirky and interesting packaging idea can actually increase the sale of the product manifolds. However, packaging design is not all about creating an attractive look. It can also be about utility. While a great look and design is all good, make a clever packaging that has got utility beyond just a packet for the product and you have got your target consumers hooked. Today we will venture into some of the incredibly clever packaging ideas we have come by in recent times.

1. The packet that makes your food look staleAlmost all of us have had to deal with those bullies at school who would eat our lunch. The situation is not too different in some offices as well where the overly friendly colleague will stick his/her hand into our lunch box. However much we dislike there is no proper way to say no. Now you need not. Get one of these lunch packets which have got green blotches on them and no one touches your food.

p.s. don’t let anyone see what it’s all about

2. A butter packet with butter knifeHighly creative and useful as well. Most of us will never remember to get the butter knife. With this in hand, you can forget all about it. The top lid of the butter container is in the shape of a knife and can be used as butter knife. It is great for trips as well.

3. Luxury items in special packaging This technique is used by many luxury item sellers. Having a second layer of packaging within the box gives elegance to the product. It has been noted that people tend to associate the high value of the product to some extent with the type of packaging.

4. A bottle with a glassIsn’t it really convenient if there is a glass attached to a bottle? That’s what AMPRO bottle is. A simple yet magnificent design, that is elegant as well as useful. The bottle comes in a glass packaging which can be used, well, as glass.

5. Container turning toy Kids generally do not like having fruits. But with a clever packaging that makes the fruits look immensely adorable how can they even reject?

6. See through food packaging We have all come across see through packaging of food items. It is just not for convenience, but also builds trust among the buyers as they feel that there is nothing hidden in it.

7. Specially crafted food packages Haven’t you ever been lost in a shopping mall trying to find a particular type of fish? Going through each package description is time consuming too. However, changing the see through patch on the package into a cutout of the fish it has makes it far easier to spot.

8. Hanger Tea Being a tea lover it is impossible to miss out this brilliant packaging. Every tea bag is attached to a hangar and all are hanging on a hangar rack. Quite a brilliant design I must say.

9. Box cum package for earphone Managing earphones and keeping them from tangling is a major struggle for many. Having it packed in a box that can be used as storage as well & prevents it from messing up is one of the best ideas.

10. Earth colored recycled boxesThe earth color give a feel of eco-friendliness. Couple it up with some bright color patch like fluorescent green or yellow and the perfect recycled box is ready.

It is important to check packaging for defects and leakages. There are advanced leak detection equipment from suppliers like FlexPak which will come in real handy. Package seal tester and package leak detector are a must for every business that deals in packaging and selling finished goods.

Mortgage-Backed Securities: What Are They and What Are Their Benefits and Downfalls?

What are Mortgage Backed Securities?

Mortgage Backed Securities are a type of asset backed securities, meaning they have physical assets attached to the securities. In these types of securities, a group of mortgages are pooled together on the basis of ratings collectively and then sold by financial agencies, often involving banks in between. 

Having defined Mortgage Backed Securities, we would like to come to a clear picture by comparing both the disadvantages and the advantages. Here we go: 

Advantages of Mortgage Backed Securities:

High Yield: Believe it or not, they provide a higher yield than other comparable similar sources of investment. The returns can often be 2-4% higher than other comparable sources. Many a time the bond holders may decide for pre-payment or early payment of the loan, in which case the entire principal of the loan is refunded and interest payment ceases. 

Low Risk: Since almost all of these securities are backed directly either by bodies having government trust or government backed agencies, the risk factor is quite low but not absent , as is the case with any other form of investment. When you are investing in a Mortgage Backed Security, you are not investing in a single mortgage, instead you invest in a group of properties bound together and hence the risk of borrowers defaulting is lower than on a single mortgage. 

Asset Backed Investment: Since mortgage bonds are essentially asset backed investment, meaning they have physical asset attached to the bonds, even if a mortgage holder defaults, at least a portion of the amount can be recovered by selling the property or the land. This insures some recovery in case of defaults. 

Liquidity: These bonds can be sold in the open market if you find yourself in some urgent need of cash or if you have an emergency. This provides immense flexibility. Apart from that, you get payments on a fixed monthly recurring basis, that is you get a payment every month.

Social Aspects: These bonds are really crucial in providing capital for people to buy homes in areas where the banks do not have sufficient capital to operate loans. This helps in providing housing facilities to small and far flung areas, remote and small towns. Such bonds help many people realize the dreams of their first house. So that provides a social aspect to these bonds too.  

But, as with most things, the picture isn't just about advantages. These bonds have some disadvantages too:

Disadvantages of Mortgage Backed Securities: 

Immature Payments: Many a time the borrower decides to pay the mortgage early, or sells this mortgage to get another one at a lower interest rate. Such cases are low in number, but can be always there. These early payments pose difficulty in calculating the life of the bonds. There are many organizations that strive hard to provide an accurate weighted life of your bond, but you can never rest assured. Prepayment rate of mortgages are often linked to market conditions and markets can sometimes trigger mass pre payments.

Each Installment Contains Principal As Well: Unlike other bonds, each monthly payment contains a combination of the Principal as well as the interest. Hence, there is no payment of a consolidated principal at the end of the term of the bond, instead, the principal is repaid in small installments each month.

Defaulters: Yes, the risk to defaulting on a mortgage is always there. While you can with some probability recover a portion of the debt, defaulters make the prospective a bit less lucrative.


Of course these are just the basics. As with all investment tools, there are much more to consider especially when it involves real estate. It is always advised you consult with experts such as the Altus Group before making any significant investments.